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   Welcome to your own Leisure Bookings Portal

Every business requires optimisation in its operations. Increase revenue - decrease costs.

Our online Membership & Bookings Portal will help you do both. For example, it will increase traffic to your website and save your staff time with phone calls about availability. Your customers can even manage their own memberships and save you the job!

This highly flexible system is inserted into your existing website with very little effort on your part - a simple link. There are different cost options available from a basic logo-only design to a full-blown copy of your existing web-page design.

For payment online, the system integrates with a few well-known system such as PayPal, WorldPay and WPM or it can simply deduct the fee from a customer's account, which can be topped-up at a till in the centre.

Please register and verify yourself at this site then login to make a booking or two using the test credit card to pay. It will give you an idea of what your customers will be able to achieve. If you would also like to connect to the in-house software demo, please contact us for the connection details.